Fire Drills / Lock Downs

All schools are required by law to conduct 15 fire drills throughout the year to ensure all students and staff learn how to calmly and safely exit the building upon sounding the alarm. There will be 11 fire drills, 2 lockdowns, and 2 evacuations.

Our school is a one floor structure and all classrooms have a minimum of two entry and exit access points. We conduct regularly scheduled drills to ensure all children and staff are well versed in the proper emergency evacuation of their classrooms and the building. In the case of a physically handicap student, staff will receive specific training to address the individual needs to evacuate safely.

  • Fire Drill Procedure (11)

    All children are evacuated in an orderly manner out of the building. Each class has a designated gathering place outside of the building. Attendance is taken and all students return to the classroom.

  • Evacuation Procedure (2)

    An evacuation procedure is used when conditions outside are safer than inside. Our procedure is for all children and staff to evacuate the building as usual and go to the northwest parking lot near the stone wall and opening to the field. The staff will take attendance, and wait for further directions from administration or emergency personnel.

  • Lockdown Procedure (2)

    A lockdown procedure is used to protect the building occupants from potential dangers outside the building. All students and staff are to report to the Middle room and sit on the rug. Staff are required to close shades, turn off lights, lock all doors, and keep everyone away from doors and windows. Children and staff will be instructed to sit quietly. The administrator explains to the students that we are practicing this drill in case a wild animal is on school grounds and we would be waiting for emergency personnel. We feel this is the best example rather than instilling a fear of people entering the building. All students and staff will remain in this designated area until further instructions are given from administration or emergency personnel.