Children with Special Medical Needs:

All children are welcomed and supported within our education programs. If your child has a special healthcare need, please communicate this with the school administrator and the teachers involved. Special medical forms, which are necessary to fill out, require a physician’s signature.

Attendance Policy:

If your child will not be attending school for any reason, please notify the school by telephoning 401-846-9251 so we may plan accordingly. Illness or vacation time is not deducted from tuition.

Health Policy:

RI Law requires all students to have a completed and up-to-date physical examination and immunization record signed by a physician. Verification of a Dental Screening is also required.

Illness Policy

If your child is sick, please keep your child home. If your child arrives at school displaying any of the following symptoms, the staff will be required to send your child home. RI Department of Health requires all children to remain home for 24 hours AFTER they are symptom free WITHOUT the use of symptom reducing medication such as Tylenol, Motrin, etc.

Please keep your child home for any of the following symptoms:
1. a fever higher than 99.0
2. vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain
3. displays active symptoms of a possible communicable disease
4. has frequent sneezes, sniffles, constant runny nose
5. discolored (green or yellow) nasal discharge
6. coughing consistently or coughing up mucus
7. reddened or itchy eyes related to Conjunctivitis
8. sore throat
9. headache
10. too tired or lethargic to participate in classroom activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Please immediately advise your child’s teacher if your child, or a member of your child’s family, displays or is diagnosed with a communicable disease or the symptoms of flu, head lice, mononucleosis, chicken pox, strep throat, H1N1, etc.

If your child has seasonal allergies, please inform us of any medications your child is currently taking, prescription or over the counter.

Help us teach your child to wipe their own nose and cough into their elbow, NOT their hands. The elbow stops the spray from mouths when the air pushes out through a cough. If your child has any open sores, please cover them thoroughly with a band-aide to protect them from infection.