• Property:
    To help us maintain good relations with our neighbors, please observe the 15-mile per hour speed limit on Peckham Lane and DO NOT park on our neighbor’s property. No parking within ten feet of the building.
  • Parking Lot:

    • Children are NOT to leave the building without an adult.
    • Please do NOT leave your car running while unattended.
    • Please do NOT allow children to run around the parking areas.
    • Although the lot is large and spacious, during drop-off and pick-up, please be courteous and do not take up more space than you need when parking


  • Playground:

    • Children are not allowed on the playground without supervision
    • Swings: Only children swinging are allowed in swing area.
    • Slides: Use ladders; slide down in sitting position; no jumping off high areas.
    • Sand and Stone Area: Children are not allowed to throw or remove stones or sand from the designated area.
    • Black-Top roadway with Tricycles: All tricycles and foot cars must be operated with caution for fellow students. All movement should be in the same direction, with only one student per vehicle, children are not to crash into one another.
    • Chasing, pushing, playing with sticks or roughhousing on the playground is not permitted.