Family Engagement and Volunteering

A variety of opportunities are available to parents and family members for direct involvement in your child’s school experience both inside and outside of school. Our school has a Parent Teacher Group (PTG) which assists in organizing events throughout the year. We encourage you to participate and get involved. Fundraisers, birthday and holiday celebrations, assisting with classroom activities, and chaperoning on field trips are just a few of the ways families can be involved. We cannot do it without your help!! We need a PTG president at the beginning of each year to step up and get the ball rolling.

We have an open door policy and encourage family participation, either scheduled or unscheduled, throughout the year. It is important for the children, as well as for you to experience your child’s life at school. However, we request that the parents not stay or volunteer during the month of September (or the first month of enrollment) as this is an important time for your child to establish an independent relationship with his or her teachers and peers as well as become acquainted with a new environment.

We welcome the opportunity and encourage you to share your unique talents, hobbies or vocations with our students. Check with your child’s teacher to learn more on how you can become a volunteer at Silveira Kindergarten and Nursery School.

Please Note: Police Department Background Checks are required for all volunteers. Additionally, as a volunteer, it will be necessary for you to agree to and follow our Confidentiality policy. A copy of the policy is available in the office.

A Family Information Center is available in the Ramp Door Entrance. Please feel free to take information, or share information you may have.

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